Dumpling Girl


Dear Best Friend

   A friend whom we began our silly friendship by sharing a packet of gummy worms. Her with her red converse and untied shoelaces and my dirty pink Skechers, our legs swinging by each other. The both of us barely have anything in common, but little did we know we would be official besties until today.

  To summarize our long friendship, my bestie and I were one of those kids where people would assume ‘Pfft, they are so different I can’t imagine them being friends’. Well, my partner in crime and I had proved you all wrong. Hahahahahah. My bestie with her buff for anime, k-pop, basketball, badminton and hates shopping. While I in the other hand, am a lover to The CW television series, huge fan of Shawn Mendes, track and field runner and love to bake. See our differences? Differences does not always make you an opposer towards the other person but may bring you closer.

  My bestie introduced to me to Japanese cuisine, next thing you know I became a lover to Japanese food. Yummz. I got my amazing sushi-making skills from her and her sister.

  I would force her to admit I’m more awesome than her and she finally did. Hah! Now that took three years for the true words to come out from her.

  My best friend now live the land across the sea from me and we connect virtually. Someday, I would like to visit her and just hangout like good times. We would eat the same goodies we used to do and just make fun of each other until our sides hurt. She may have a bad sense of humor but she have a big heart. I hope for the best of her, studies and health. To more stupid messages and long video calls!

  Miss ya bestie! xo


Stuck in a Fairytale

Have you ever gone too deep in a fairytale story that you have suddenly been absorbed and fallen into a deep pit hole and woken up in a different world?

Next thing you know, you’ve been trampled over by an army of munchkins, thanking you for knocking over Wicked Witch of the North and put an end to her. Yes, the witch is dead, but that was only by accident. The yellow brick road will then lead you to the place which will help you to go home. Did you recognize the story?Sadly, I’m not Dorothy. I’m Amy Glumm, the second girl who got carried by a tornado from Kansas and is desperate to return home.

If you know the flow , I am on my way to meet this brilliant wizard, who will help me for me to return home. The citizens of Oz recognize me as ‘somewhat-like-Dorothy’, whatever that means. Along the way, I made a couple of friends whom I had helped on their current struggles. I’ve made friends with the Tin Woodman, Scarecrow and obviously the not so courageous Lion. We are all on our journey to seek the wizard for our needs.

As we met the wizard, he could give the three of my friends their needs, but he is not powerful enough to give me my needs. I was upset for my cause but grateful for the others. Which is odd, because he could help Dorothy for her journey but not mine. My three friends said they would try their best to help but little did they know, they have got nothing to help me return home.

I thought to myself, dear old aunt Em left in the lonely cottage with our dog, Toto. If only she knows my situation, therefore she does not have to worry much. This may not be my home, but I’m safe here.

15 years had past, here I am living in the land of Oz, along with my two children my dear husband, Tin Woodman. This story may not have the same conflicts and ending as Dorothy ‘s journey, but what matters is to be safely at home. The Land of Oz is my home.



My Sanctuary

A place where I go when I want peace and quiet. A comfortable zone when I can do whatever I want to do. A warm atmosphere where it greets me with ease and pleasure. My sanctuary will be my bedroom. My cozy, pleasant, airy, comfortable, and private room . A room that is meant for me which is mine 🙂

A wall on my bedroom is filled with pictures of my friends, family, trips and so on. They are memories pasted on a wall where each time I look at a picture, it transfer me to back when the picture is taken.

My study table along with the chair is also a part which makes my room my sanctuary too. My favorite part of my study table is not the table but actually my study chair. My chair is the office type of chair where it can spin and have wheels. Which I sometimes get distracted from studying and just play with my chair..

Not forgetting my bed, the place where I most of the time am when I’m in my room. My bed is Chip and I’m Dale, together we are Chip and Dale and we belong to one another. My bed sheets and comforter is in the color of dark purple which is my favorite color.  Who could argue that bed is not their favorite furniture in their room?

My room where it defines serene, calm and peaceful. A setting where I am at my most comfortable state. A place where I call it, my sanctuary.

School Field Trip!

Our trip begins early in the morning at 7 and we all hustle to shower as we only have about 20 minutes to get ready. By 7.10, we were already in the van and on the go. It was a three hours journey but it feels we were there for a while probably, because we were having so much fun in the van.  We played Truth and Double Truth, Icebreaker, and Kill, Kiss, Marry.

We begin our journey with breakfast by the roadside. We haven’t even get comfortable to our seats and two of our senior girls hysterically flipped out seeing a cat causing chaos in the small restaurant. All eyes were on us and us girls were trying our best not to laugh at the senior girls. I have to take the cat out of the restaurant and our teacher have to calm them by talking to them about that even his wife ( which is sitting next the girls and feeding her kids) is paranoid of cats. She sat calmly there but I can see that she is still scared of cats. We ate our breakfast and continue our journey.

Our first stop was to a farm and learned about how to feed and milk the cows. Well, we weren’t able to do either of them but some of us entered the cow corrals and the stench was terrible that my clothes smelled like cow’s feces.

The boys weren’t disgusted by the dung on the ground and even remove their shoes and step on the dung by barefoot. Talk about level of cleanliness they have but we all enjoyed it verily.

Next we went to an even deeper cow farm which need to be taken by car. Boys get to ride on a pick-up truck and the girls have to stay in the car. Some of us find it boring so we start sticking out the window and enjoy the breeze. It was a bumpy ride and as we stick ourself out of the window our face got smacked by tree branches. XD

Afterwards we went to eat our brunch at a nearby restaurant. I had rice with crispy chicken, pucuk paku goreng , & asam pedas ikan pari. Delish!

Later we went to the beach and it wasn’t crowded at all. We all played Toss the Ball and it was enjoyable. The girls from my class and I collected sea shells and maybe turn them into decoration for our class.

The following destinations was to go to our dear friend’s house. The house is a huge, magnificent house with tall, polished gates that you are able to see your own reflection. Along with sizable porch and flags flying on the roof. Grand cars were parked in their private parking lot not forgetting it’s lovely garden.

We went inside the house and they serve us Nasi Lemak, traditional food and boy it was so GOOD. It consist of coconut rice, cucumber, boiled or fried egg, fried anchovies, fried chicken, and sambal ( hot sauce).  I could just eat the rice alone, because it taste best just like that. We were all full but how could you not say no to food? 🙂

After eating and resting in the house we have to say goodbye to our host  and thank them for their hospitality.

We arrived school at about 6PM and I arrived home after 8 due to traffic.

From this 1 day journey I’d say we all had a lot of fun and had a lot of memorable memories. 🙂





How to Cope With Frustration

Whenever you are frustrated you tend to shut to shut the door and cry, blasted, and so on. Ive been there and I want to share how I cope when Im in frustration.

  • Cry is what you normally end up with. If you need to cry, don’t keep it to yourself and let it all out till the very end. 💖
  • Write what stresses you out, if possible write it in your journal it’s better and you can feel the difference.📒
  • Friends shall listen to you as you share your situation and give you advices. (Optional) 🙆
  •  Eat as it will make you feel better. Make it as your treat, and chill. 🙃
  • Avoid what makes you upset and move on. This will not only make you feel better  but also proves you are matured enough to deal with this type of situation. 🌹

      I hope my advice is useful. I do use this steps whenever I’m upset and it does make me feel better. Have a lovely day lovelies. 💕

      Playing in the Rain

      Yesterday I had one the most memorable moment I’ll never forget.

      Where I’m from it constantly rain everyday and I love rain. But I’ve never play in the rain ever, because I’m a boring person af.

      Yesterday I played in the rain with my friend in my school. We were supposed to have CCA but it had been cancelled, because of the rain.

      So my friend and I played in the playground.

      Broke school rule #1

      Playing in the rain

      Broke school rule #2

      Haha we’re trouble makers but hey we had so much fun.

      Most of all I sang Let it go in the rain and I don’t like that song but singing that in the rain makes all my problems washed away by the rain.

      Maybe you could try it too. 💕



      I had a rough start at my new in trying to fit in the community.

      It all started when there was a rumor about me messaging and liking this boy.

      It was as if I’ve been thrown in a deep hole and what was with me were all rumors and I wasn’t able to climb out or had enough fresh air to breath in..I was trapped.

      Then my friendship with my  ‘new’ best friend ended. It lasted a month, not kidding.  She wanted to be my best friend and I have this sickening feeling about it but in the end I agreed. Big mistake. No turning back. Then she ended it for some reasons, at the wrong time and place but it was relief for me, weight been lifted off my shoulder and I was relaxed for a while..

      Until I had an argument with this guy, who backbites people and denies every bad act he does. I was trying to settle it but then it got worse and worse. It finally settles when teachers were involved.

      Remember my bestie who dumped me? Well she comes back to me and want us to be best friend. I tried my  most nicest, polite ever way to say no. Not to break her heart, because her heart is very fragile. She asked and asked and asked and I refuse.

      Probably a week later, another girl asked me can she be my best friend through text. Unexpectedly, it never cross my mind of her wanting to be my best friend. I guess I was too busy to notice all the little signs. After thinking about it, it totally makes sense, all  the signs she gave me was because she wants to be my best friend. I needed space and time to think.  I was stupid to say yes right away. Not that I don’t like her but everything is happening so fast its as if I’ve been left behind in time.

      Soon my used-to-be-best friend founds out I’ve got a new best friend and was really jealous . Let’s just say they hate each other, and I wasn’t part of it but yeah. I don’t know much it was just between them two.

      Today a human bean said my science teacher has hysteria. I wasn’t sure of what I heard and that’s why I asked my classmate about it. I guess that’s gossip (I don’t know that’s why the name of this post is called Lost). Not aware of my surrounding, my science teacher was right behind us! She must have turned around and heard me so I asked her and she said they’re all no true and this rumors should end here.

      Big mistake. My two friends scolded me for asking something personal..sorry I’ll never ever do that again now I feel really bad and I’m going to apologize to my teacher tomorrow.

      When I reach home, a message was sent by the W.M. saying about whatever I know about people should be kept to yourself and don’t expose it and yeah you get it.

      I don’t know what’s right and wrong, because I’m learning from my mistakes. I make lots of mistakes.

      It’s better to shut my mouth and never ever talk again but again people will ask why the sudden quietness.

      I don’t know what to do and I don’t want people to worry about me.

      I’m so stupid and so short-tempered.

      I can’t avoid falseness.

      I want to be free from negativity.

      But escaping from it isn’t free.

      No one understand, because they think this tall, smiley, very annoying, talkative, ugly, insecure, untalented, dumb girl is fine.






      Take a Chill Pill

       Ya know telling the truth will be so much better than lying. Lying is not cool, you don’t want to waste my time investigating the truth. 

      Admitting your mistake is also not hard. If not  it’ll create chaos and ruin people’s day and hurting others and UGH just admit you mistake. Its just  not acceptable.

      Bullying?? Teasing eachother, making fun of eachother just because of their appearance? Grow up. It’s the 21st century, never to be allowed anyone to bully one another. It can hurt someone so much they can commit suicide. You don’t want that to happen do you?

       Everyone stop pin point your fingers to others and just point to yourself. Fix your mistakes, grow up. There are people like me who take things too personal but I want to stand now and tell the world that it’s okay to cry. Just remember to stay strong and remember all the positive things that happened in your life. 

      #girllove 😊❤

      Let’s Be Friends


      So I’ve decided to do a five random facts about me!

      So we all can get to know each other.😊

      Five Random Facts About Me!

      1) I have visited five countries ( sad life)

      2) I have two fat cats and they are adorable and old. 

      3) I wish to do bungee jumping.

      4) I am lefthanded ( comment down below if you are lefthanded. 👇

      5) I suck at being good.

      So that’s all my five random facts about me.🙆 Hope ya’ll like it and comment down below if you can relate to any of my facts. 


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