I love my cats, named Harrie and TT. They are adorable, little fuzzy creatures with smelly breath. Who cares if they’re 8 years old ( in human world but 50 in cat world). This two lovebirds are so adorable together. They are also very fat. Fat, fat, fat cat. All they do now is eat and sleep just like lazy people would do.

My favorite cat is Harrie, because he is very cute, adorable, and he always listen to your long chats and talks when no one is there for you. When I’m all alone he would accompany me and sleep by my side. When we have KFC or any chicken meals he would sit by me and meow until I gave him some of mine. Haha he is such a baby.  His favorite hangout is my room, so of course he would stay here most of the time like now.

I will miss him so much when I leave home..I hope he feels the same XD