I’ll be traveling in the weekends and I will obviously bring some travel essentials so why not show them to you guys? Yess, lets get started.

So first of all I will bring my Kipling backpack, it is spacious, big and comfortable to wear at a long journey like this.I bring lots of things so that’s why I needed this bag. I also love this shade of purple, sort of the eggplant shade of purple ya know.

PHONE!! This is a must have, everyone should bring their phone. No excuses.

As a girl, you will always bring cosmetics. Or maybe just a simple lip balm just that. Hand cream, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, and maybe makeups. I haven’t wear make up so I just go for the beginners as in lip gloss and yeah you know. I  put them all in one cute cosmetic bag that I bought from Bath and Body Works. Hands up for those of you who are fans of Bath and Body Works. The bag is so cute and I love it very much.

Next should be tissues. Bring dry and wet tissues just in case. Stay hygiene is really important especially when you are traveling. So keep that in mind. And I also love the cute packaging of my tissues it just brings out the fun. 🙂

Bringing a water bottle is also important. Again not only stay hygiene but also stay hydrate and not dehydrate. Going on a long journey could get you thirsty so drink lots of water all right.

I’m a bookworm so I pretty much bring a book everywhere I go. I’m currently reading ‘Let it Snow’ by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle. It’s a tale from three different authors, three different perspective, and three different tales and when join together its..speechless. No what’s the right word..stunning? Surprising? I don’t know It’s just amazing.

Last but not the least, earphones. Listening to music will make time run faster. To me . When there’s some noise going on simply put on your earphones and play music. But to me listening to music isn’t important and that’s why I put it as my last.

So that is all of my travel essentials, just want to share it with you guys and yeah. Toodles 😀

Oh and as you can see I don’t have a theme color for my things I just go for crazy colors such as purple, turquoise, pink, mustard yellow, and so on.

P.S. sorry for the bad quality photo.