Ya know telling the truth will be so much better than lying. Lying is not cool, you don’t want to waste my time investigating the truth. 

Admitting your mistake is also not hard. If not  it’ll create chaos and ruin people’s day and hurting others and UGH just admit you mistake. Its just  not acceptable.

Bullying?? Teasing eachother, making fun of eachother just because of their appearance? Grow up. It’s the 21st century, never to be allowed anyone to bully one another. It can hurt someone so much they can commit suicide. You don’t want that to happen do you?

 Everyone stop pin point your fingers to others and just point to yourself. Fix your mistakes, grow up. There are people like me who take things too personal but I want to stand now and tell the world that it’s okay to cry. Just remember to stay strong and remember all the positive things that happened in your life. 

#girllove 😊❤