Whenever you are frustrated you tend to shut to shut the door and cry, blasted, and so on. Ive been there and I want to share how I cope when Im in frustration.

  • Cry is what you normally end up with. If you need to cry, don’t keep it to yourself and let it all out till the very end. 💖
  • Write what stresses you out, if possible write it in your journal it’s better and you can feel the difference.📒
  • Friends shall listen to you as you share your situation and give you advices. (Optional) 🙆
  •  Eat as it will make you feel better. Make it as your treat, and chill. 🙃
  • Avoid what makes you upset and move on. This will not only make you feel better  but also proves you are matured enough to deal with this type of situation. 🌹

      I hope my advice is useful. I do use this steps whenever I’m upset and it does make me feel better. Have a lovely day lovelies. 💕