Our trip begins early in the morning at 7 and we all hustle to shower as we only have about 20 minutes to get ready. By 7.10, we were already in the van and on the go. It was a three hours journey but it feels we were there for a while probably, because we were having so much fun in the van.  We played Truth and Double Truth, Icebreaker, and Kill, Kiss, Marry.

We begin our journey with breakfast by the roadside. We haven’t even get comfortable to our seats and two of our senior girls hysterically flipped out seeing a cat causing chaos in the small restaurant. All eyes were on us and us girls were trying our best not to laugh at the senior girls. I have to take the cat out of the restaurant and our teacher have to calm them by talking to them about that even his wife ( which is sitting next the girls and feeding her kids) is paranoid of cats. She sat calmly there but I can see that she is still scared of cats. We ate our breakfast and continue our journey.

Our first stop was to a farm and learned about how to feed and milk the cows. Well, we weren’t able to do either of them but some of us entered the cow corrals and the stench was terrible that my clothes smelled like cow’s feces.

The boys weren’t disgusted by the dung on the ground and even remove their shoes and step on the dung by barefoot. Talk about level of cleanliness they have but we all enjoyed it verily.

Next we went to an even deeper cow farm which need to be taken by car. Boys get to ride on a pick-up truck and the girls have to stay in the car. Some of us find it boring so we start sticking out the window and enjoy the breeze. It was a bumpy ride and as we stick ourself out of the window our face got smacked by tree branches. XD

Afterwards we went to eat our brunch at a nearby restaurant. I had rice with crispy chicken, pucuk paku goreng , & asam pedas ikan pari. Delish!

Later we went to the beach and it wasn’t crowded at all. We all played Toss the Ball and it was enjoyable. The girls from my class and I collected sea shells and maybe turn them into decoration for our class.

The following destinations was to go to our dear friend’s house. The house is a huge, magnificent house with tall, polished gates that you are able to see your own reflection. Along with sizable porch and flags flying on the roof. Grand cars were parked in their private parking lot not forgetting it’s lovely garden.

We went inside the house and they serve us Nasi Lemak, traditional food and boy it was so GOOD. It consist of coconut rice, cucumber, boiled or fried egg, fried anchovies, fried chicken, and sambal ( hot sauce).  I could just eat the rice alone, because it taste best just like that. We were all full but how could you not say no to food? 🙂

After eating and resting in the house we have to say goodbye to our host  and thank them for their hospitality.

We arrived school at about 6PM and I arrived home after 8 due to traffic.

From this 1 day journey I’d say we all had a lot of fun and had a lot of memorable memories. 🙂